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User support is provided by the Calypso users and developers community . You can find resources and informations on how to get support and help for Calypso.
We will do our best.

Gettings Help


If you have any questions about Calypso, you should always start by reading the Official FAQ.


If you have a question about how to do something with Calypso, you should:


If you are experimenting problems using Calypso, you should:

Ask a question

If this is not enough, which can happen, ask a question. For that, you need to get information and prepare a correct report for people to help you.
Our Wiki will help you to do it.

Then ask your question, on:

  • the Forum, in the correct section;
  • the IRC channel on the freenode Network (irc://, #Calypso), for live answers. Use the web-based IRCWeb interface, if you need it.

Developers and Reporting bugs


You are a developer and you want to help the project or build a project around our software?

Read the developers section of this website or go and finds info on the Developer's corner. You should also use the developers mailing-lists and IRC.

Report a bug

Read and conform yourself to our Reporting Bugs policy and look on our Bug tracker.

Contacting the team

If your matter is not answered yet, and you need to contact the team, do it by mail, or mail to the Calypso-devel mailing list .

We have a lot of spam and lots of e-mail, be sure to state in the subject that you want to speak about Calypso. Try to not write HTML mails, thanks. Logo