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Welcome to Kommute's Wiki,
The reference documentation and tips on Kommute's project.
We currently have 16 articles.

What's new?

What is Kommute?

Kommute is a Open Source cross-platform file sharing client using the anonymous network MUTE.

Kommute Team produces free software projects under the GNU General Public License.

Kommute infos

See how you can contact the team.

Kommute 0.23

Download Kommute!

Kommute on your platform...

Tips and Tricks

Help the project

In this section, you can find how you can help and participate to the Kommute project, you being a programmer or not.

Developers Corner

Kommute Team is also a development community that you can join.

You can help Kommute by developing, doing artwork, doing translations ...

The Developers Corner contains various information relative to development: Howtos, work in progress, ...

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