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Kommute Projects/Todo list:

Implemented Features

Todo list:

  • implement a secure DHT/Kademlia based Bootstrapping for Nodes find/exchange (a alternative for without Webcaches/Decentral)
  • make sure to respond to search requests by sending results on a different connection.(This can make timed statistics more difficult.)
  • IPv6 support
  • implement miniupnpc to Kommute for forward a port with upnp supported routers
  • IP Filter
  • show file sources in a treeview ( Downloads)example here
  • anonymous message boards ( boards idea similar to frost on freenet example)
  • display multiple chunks being downloaded at a time, so we need something that looks like the "pieces" view of bittorrent example
  • send metadata in searches results (title, author, ...)
  • save friends and reload at startup
  • File comments
  • File Details show comments for each file when avaibleexample(on SVN properities/DetailsDialog)
  • Shared Files: Context Menu: Comments(get comments working CommentsDialog),comments column
  • Shared Files: Easy Sharing and Manage Folders like example here
  • Shared Files: implement Last Request(column)
  • implement Upload Queue System like similar here
  • Improve Uploads:
* a Real ProgressBar for uploads with showing Obtained/uploading chunks/parts
* Show only Filenames no Filepaths
* Clear automaticly Finished uploads
* remove Cancel on uploads
 when possible this new columns features:
* show upload "speed" of each uploads
* show Transffered data "Transferred" like in KB,MB,GB,TB of each file upload 
* show "Waited" and "Upload Time"
  • rewrite Downloads Progressbar look like this one

  • rewrite the swarming feature for a bether swarming to can upload/download randomly chunks
  • Down: and Up: speed on statusbar to show the actually Down/up rate.
  • improve Statistics with more Data (StatisticPage) .
  • extern BandwidthGraph show Downloads/up speed, to show Incoming/Outgoing Data (kommute/src/bwgraph).
  • preview (play a not finished media file in Downloads when preview is possible)
  • Anonymous Streaming/Broadcasting (feature to can stream over Kommute network, radio streaming or media streaming)
  • collections (can make a Collection like similar in Emule.)
  • Implement for Transfer Session/Cumulative UL:DL Ratio for Statistik
  • preview feature for Pictures ,when searching for File Type Pictures example

Low Priority:

  • Advanced Search ResultsView with show Thumbnail/images which can start from a download button to see here example without need to get images from website, use lokal images for a thumbnail for each file.

  • voting files with stars (example D:\Qt\4.4.3\examples\itemviews\stardelegate)

If you want other features which is not in ouer Todo list, which will improve the Anonymity or new core/Gui features please post on Forum

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